These English Elm Bowls are unique, crafted with visible imperfections and painted by an artist to enhance the natural grain of the wood. English Elm is now rare. The acrylic design is a one off, and there is no likelihood of this item being duplicated. The cost of £48.00 includes packing and postage. Please use my contact page for further information.


Vintage Collectibles - In pristine condition

lladro 003

"A Trio of Geese"

A multi figured ornament by Nao for Lladro in the subtle colourings for which they are famous.  £38.00 to include packing and postage.


Vintage Porcelain Side plates (6) made in France exclusively for C Jenner & Co, Edinburgh (Old name!)..marked on reverse. Some rubbing on edges but otherwise in excellent condition.

£30.00 packed and delivered
Sasler teapot 001

VINTAGE Sadler 2 pint teapot

In excellent condition.  The ribbed cream body is decorated with the random wildflower design. The gilding is in perfect condition.
Fully marked on base
£38 packed and delivered

Vintage Silver, Silver Plate & Porcelain



Silver Plate by Daniel and Arta
Fully marked on the reverse
central well marked as it originally
contained a circle of beech and was
used as a bread board!
£28.00 packaged and delivered
Pewter Measures 003

Set of four Pewter Measuring Jugs (1830s).  Were in continuous use in a pub in Scotland until 1914.  They are not a matched set but are in excellent condition considering age and use.  Patina confirms age.  £28.00 packaged and posted.

This Royal Copenhagen Figurine of an Armager Girl knitting displays all the exquisite modelling and colour palette that has made the factory famous.

Cost £68.00 plus £7.60 for suitable packing and postage

Collectible Glass



Scandavian style vase; heavy weight
Clear with embedded opaque abstract
design in shades of grey and lilac
Signed DENGY, The Glass Studio
on base
£52.00 packaged and delivered


This unique KANGAROO was
commissioned  as a ring holder
when proposing to an Australian
girl friend now wife.
It is a one-off !!!!!
£20 packaged and delivered

Vintage (1950) Stuart Crystal Decanter delicate cutting makes this decanter an elegant work of art.

£48.00  plus suitable packaging and postage (Parcel post) £9.80

Full details available