A selection of my work; inspired by my two delights; Nature and the Theatre


One of a pair of Watercolours inspired by Autumn Colours


ELEMENTS OF ORCHID - Illustrating the power of this delicate flower in pastel and watercolour. Framed and priced at £180

One of a limited print run No 3 of 10, signed, numbered and mounted in acid free board and deliverd in a cello wrap....£!9 plus £2.95 postage. The original pem and ink drawing was inspired by kittens on a friend's farm.....must be big cats now!



One of three works exploring Sun effects; they have been exquisitely framed to draw the eye to the striking images inspired by Nature

An original mounted watercolour with ink by Margaret Murray. adjustable size

AUTUMN HIPS - an original, signed and mounted watercolour. Adjustable size - full painting 28 x 51 cms. Mount reduces image to 16 x41 cms


We would all like our gardens to look like this...a mixed media image inspired by a visit to Waterberry Gardens

New cards 002

Some of the six new Greetings Cards -all blank for you to use as you wish. A decent A5 size with envelope to allow for a catch-up letter or sincere greeting.  £2.25 each, postage included. Discount for multiple buy.


One of a pair of Watercolours inspired by Autumn Colours


One of the many graphics which can be found on my greeting cards and postcards. If you would like to commission a card for a special occasion get in touch on the contact page!

OOPS! I'm stuck! Limited Edition Print of a Pen and ink drawing of a kitten who has climbed too far!

This print is signed numbered and mounted in acid free white board.  The drawing was inspired by a kitten with ambition!!!!  £19 plus £2,95 postage


A selection of the prints from pen and ink drawings which are such good gifts for dog lovers; each print run is limited to 10 prints for each image, and they are delivered signed, numbered and mounted in off white acid free board, in a cello wrap.  Cost £19.00 per image. No postage costs; that is included.  Any further details, please get in touch.